Joe Torchiana,

has always been involved with the industry outside of teaching and running his own automobile service facility for 35 years.  Joe served on the Board of Directors of ASE for many years and was Chairman of ASE for 2010 and 2011.  He participated as a subject matter expert (SME) in the test writing for the ASE L1 – Advanced Diagnostic Certification for 4 years.  He served on the Mechanical Operations 
Committee of ASA (a national trade association) and is currently a Trustee of the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation (NATEF).  He has been accepted as an automotive expert witness in State and Federal Courts.

Bob "G" Gonier

​Tony Marchetti

Richard J. Morrell

Drexel University - Bachelors - Electrical Engineering, Minor: Nuclear Engineering

Current Employer
Boeing - Wire Design Engineer - H-47 Chinook


Technical Contributions

​Information is a crucial part of automotive repair, below is a list of technical contributors that have helped make this website possible.


Age: unknown

Birthplace: unknown

Favorite Brand: Mr. Cramers only allegiance is toward America and it's workers he loves and hates all cars.

I have been a professional mechanic for most of my adult life.  I believe in sharing the information I have acquired about the trade to make better technicians and well informed customers.  I am not and have never been scared of loosing my career from sharing trade secrets.  The fact is automotive technology leaps forward at such an amazing rate that even as I type this page what was once true is no longer.  I believe that good automotive technicians are some of the best and brightest of all the skilled trades because the automobile encorporates so many different technologies and different trade related skills within it.  Warning Mr, Cramer has an extremely sarcastic sense of humor that was grown out of the frustration of working on one of mans most complicated pieces of technology.  If you can't laugh and laugh at yourself you will not survive in the automotive trade.