Step 5- Put the fitting on and flare your brake line

Step 4- Clean your line up and select your tool

Step 3- Cut your new brake line to the correct length.

Step 2- Remove the line you intend to replace.  Before you go twisting and bending that old line like you're an animal stuck in a trap, remember you're going to have to put the new one back in.  It's also easier to match your new line to one that hasn't been crumbled up like your homework and thrown under your bed.  Identify the diameter of line you're working with.  Bend your new line to match your old line.  Remember to leave about 2" sttratight at the end to flare.

Step 1-​ Identify the line you need to replace.

So you need to make a brake line.  Pay attention all it takes is time, effort and some practice and you'll be bending them up like a robot at the factory.