College/Post-Secondary Training

Continuing To Grow

This page is for students, parents and counselors.  I'd prefer to just call it continuing to grow but I put college first because that is what we have been trained to believe continuing to grow means.  It's not that college isn't continuing to grow but  college is just one of a thousand different ways to grow as a person and professional.


My opinion is biased just like every opinion so rather than tell you I'm completely neutral I'll just share the tint of the lens I'm looking through.  I grew up on a farm, my father was a mechanic then a carpenter.  My mother helped run my father's carpentry business from home while she cared for my brother and I until we were school age. She then went back to school herself where she got a teaching degree, taught school for 12 years and then went back to school and became a guidance counselor. My brother is an electrician; my step brother is an electrical engineer, my step sister is in sales and my youngest step brother is a truck driver. They all have good jobs/careers - some needed college degrees and some needed technical training - they all needed an education.

I have had many and varied jobs myself. My first job was greasing farm equipment with my grandfather, then recycling diamond bits off of concrete blades, then cutting concrete for my uncle's company and cleaning and maintaining equipment, then college and a summer of landscaping, more college and automotive dealership mechanic, then private repair shop mechanic, then automotive technology teacher. 

Is school important? Yes!  Is experience important? Yes!!! Mr. Cramer if you could go back to school again would you try harder? Yes; any adult that doesn't say yes to this question is called doctor or scientist.  If I could go back in time I wouldn't try harder at the things I was good at, I already put my best into them, I would try harder at the areas I struggled with.

So, Mr. Cramer do I need to continue my education?  Yes! If you are not willing to continue your education (notice I didn't limit you to college here) once you've landed that entry level job as greeter or petroleum transfer technician just relax put your feet up your done.  If you would like to do more, be prepared to learn more.