Year 1            

  1. Nuts and Bolts and Cars 
  2. Steering and Suspension    
  3. Brakes
  4. Electrical

                         Year 2

  1. Engine Performance
  2. Engine Repair
  3. Manual Drive Lines
  4. Heating and Air Conditioning

​4) You need to know how to read.  I know, you think you can read and  you don't need any help here.  I read technical information every day and I still need help from time to time.  While I can't solve all of your reading comprehension issues because I'm busy working on my own, here is some food for thought before you open those boring text books or start reading a bunch of gobledee goop in tech articles.

5) Steering and suspension

3) "Great, you know about fasteners and how to identify the vehicle you are working on.  Now it's time to fix some cars.  Before we can start wrenching we will probably need to lift a car off the ground, especially for steering and suspension work and that is coming next.  This is not a difficult task, but pay attention, don't loose focus or get distracted these things weigh between 2,000 and 10,000 pounds.  If you lift a car wrong the car and you may never be the same.  Now that we understand how serious this task is lets go  

​2) "If you weren't aware there are multiple manufacturers that make vehicles, over 100.  These manufacturers make several different models.  Here is where is gets complicated every year they update, change and add to there lineup of models. Hahahahahah, you thought fixing cars was going to be easy.  Lets learn how to figure out what the heck you are working on using something called a

After we have learned how to figure out what we are working on we'll learn a little about these different manufacturers."

1) Maybe one of the most under rated pieces of technology out there,     fasteners are what hold cars together.  There is a fastener holding almost every piece of technology together so unless you want to work exclusively with glue and duct tape it's probably a good idea to understand this old piece of technology.

So you want to learn auto in the order I like to teach it,  Awesome! I find we learn best when we have a question or a desire to learn something, so feel free to dive into any tab and learn.  I teach a 2 year high school automotive program and directly below you will find a short outline of the program followed by a more extensive list of information in the sequence I teach.  If you get lost or find some information is incomplete or doesn't make sense you may need to back track so here is the order I find makes the most sense.