Now that you know something about​ frame construction let talk about weight.  I know you're probably a teenager and you think you can lift a car up with your own two hands if you had to.  Well how about a truck?  How much do these things weigh any way?  If you get a tiny car or a very light race car it's probably up over 2500 pounds that about 1134 kilograms.  Dads truck may be up over 5500 pounds, try and load that up on the squat machine in your school gym.  Bottom line- Cars and trucks are heavy, 1 kilogram is a little more than 2 pounds and if you drop a large weight on yourself or pick a fight with a rabbit you will have a bad day, click on the button and I'll show you what I'm talking about 

​Step 1- You have to know something about body and frame construction so you can locate the proper lift points of a vehicle.  Yes there are proper lift points and it can get pretty expensive if your going to lift a vehicle from the wrong place and have to buy parts.  So before I get started on lift points here's my 2 cents on body and frame construction below.

​How to lift a car/truck/van