​​How tall is my metric 245/75R16 tire? Calculating tire height is pretty easy.

 Step1 we need to calculate sidewall height using aspect ratio. 245x0.75=183.75mm  Don't forget when we look at a tire on the ground there is a sidewall at the bottom and the top so we will have to also multiply our answer by 2.  183.75x2=367.5mm

Step2 we need to convert the rim diameter from inches to millimeters or the sidewall height from millimeters to inches.  1"inch=25.4mm for this tire we will convert the rim diameter to mm and convert our final answer to inches if we need to.

16"inch wheel x 25.4=406.4mm

Step3 now all we need to do is add our rim diameter to our sidewall height.  367.5mm+406.4mm=773.9mm

Step4 now if your brain works in inches and your still scratching your head trying to figure out what 773.9mm looks like we can convert back to inches.  773.9mm/25.4=30.4685"

​#1 How tall is my 345/30R19 tire? ​Well I'll get you started but your going to have to crunch the numbers yourself.

Step1 Section width ____________x aspect ratio _________= Sidewall Height

Step2 Rim diameter _________ x 25.4= ___________

​Step3 Metric rim diamter + Sidewall Height x 2=___________

Step4 Take your answer from step 3 and divide by 25.4 for total tire and wheel height in inches.

​Using tire measurements for a better understanding.  We will use metric tire size to answer some questions about the tire.