"Wow Mr. Cramer,  that's complicated is there an easier way to work with a VIN?"

Answer-"Yup, sure is as long as you have an internet connection.  If you're walking around with one of those fancy smart phones copy your 17 digits down and click on the VIN decode button below."

"OK, I get it.  I need to know about VIN's, so go on tell me about them."

"I thought you would never ask."  "Now that your interested lets look at an example VIN and identify what the 17 digits tell us.

​1​- 1st digit is the region the vehicle manufactured is located

G​- 2nd digit combined with the first tells you the country it was manufactured

4​- 3rd digit is the make

​B- 4th

N- 5th

5- 6th               The 4th thru 8th digit contain information about the model, 

2- 7th               engine and transmission type specific to each manufacturer

P- 8th

3​- 9th digit is the check digit used to verify the vin is real not fake!

R- 10th digit is the model year of the vehicle

R​- 11th digit is the assembly location of the vehicle

4- 12th

1- 13th

7- 14th         The 12th thru 17th can be used any way the manufacturer chooses

1- 15th                most of the time they choose to use this as a serial number

9- 16th

6- 17th

"Will I need to be able to decode a VIN in your class Mr. Cramer?"

Answer- Probably if you walk all the way across the shop to ask me what type of vehicle you are working on, I will laugh and send you back to ask the car.  After that I'll only ask," what do you think I'm going to ask you?" if you ask that question.

"Ok I get it VIN numbers are on cars, but why do I need to know about them?"

Answer-" You wanted to work on them, you might want to know what the heck your working on!"  Since you might not know what a v8 looks like or where to find your blinker fluid fill cap you may have to go to the VIN.  Lets say you're a typical teenager and already know everything about cars, you may need to order some parts to fix that first piece of you know what that you bought with the first $500 you saved on your own.

Is there any useful information in a VIN?

Answer-Yes!!!!!!!! The vin can tell you: Where the vehicle was built, who the manufacturer is,  the brand, the engine size, the type, the model year, the plant it was built in and a 6 digit serial number specific to that car.

Answer-It's a 17 digit alpha-numeric (letters and numbers) code that is specific to each vehicle.

​What is a VIN? (Vehicle Identification Number)